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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Most new cars these days come out of the factory with TPMS fitted. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.
This allows the driver to constantly monitor the tyre pressures live and will be Audibly warned should a change occur quickly.
Tyre pressures are one The the least maintained parts of running a car yet it’s so important for stability and safety of the vehicle.
This system takes the worry out of monthly checks and means you only get your pressures sorted when an alarm goes off.

I’ve trialled this one my vehicles and it works superbly this why it is now a new service for you Guys.

It comes fully installed at your home or work place for only £49.99 inc.
Guaranteed for 1yr and also uses solar power to operate so no unnecessary cables trailing inside the cabin.

Please feel
Free to contact me at any time for further information or to book the service.

Tel:- 07881 205047
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£49.99 Installation Service

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